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About Zanna

Well well well, where do I begin. First off, let me be honest and tell you that Zanna Garrick is a pen name. There are two main reasons why I chose not to use my real name: first, I’m a shy person. Like in really shy. “Rewrite this post over and over again because I’m worried about how it will sound” shy. I tend to fight my shyness flooding people around me with unnecessary words, as you have probably noticed by now.

Second, I’m not a native English speaker, and my real name and surname give it away quickly. Not that I’m afraid to tell you where I’m from (Italy, by the way), but a huge part of what I write is in English and I thought it was better to have a more English-sounding name.

Another minor reason is that I have a full time job and at least at the beginning I’d like to keep it separated from my writing activity.

I have a full time job but I love to come up with stories. I’ve published a few of them on Medium (whoops, my real name is still over there) but I feel like it’s time to find a place for them, a place that really belongs to me. I’ll post a few short fiction pieces together with a few insights about storytelling in multiple media.

Lastly, let me tell you that I have wrote a novel. It feels strange to refer to it as novel since the road towards self-publishing it is hard and bumpy road, but finally I feel like I’ have started to move along it. It took almost eight years from the first word to the last one (and not because it’s a long novel, I assure you), and at a certain point I even thought I’d never finish it. But instead I did it.

I hope you’re curious about the book, because I’m super thrilled and I guess I’ll talk about it a lot in the future (I’ve warned you). Just stay tuned.

Talk soon,