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When I was a kid I knew I wanted to write, even though I didn’t have a clear idea about how to make it work. In my head, there was some kind of writers school I had to attend after high school to be entitled to publish my novels. And it seemed a bit confusing, to be honest.

Then one day my parents bought a computer and an older cousin of mine gave me a few video games on floppy disks. Needless to say, I loved them from the beginning. Suddenly, it all became clear: the path to be a writer was too fuzzy and confusing, with no guarantee of success. I decided I’d become a videogame developer.

I have never changed my mind since then, except for a brief stint in which I considered making a living as a photographer. It didn’t last long because it seemed to have the same problem of the writer’s career: I wasn’t sure where to begin, other than perfecting my craft and hoping someone noticed me. The dark path into Computer Science, instead, was marked pretty clearly in front of me, and I followed it all the way down to a Masters Degree.

Sometimes I look back and wonder why I have been so fascinated by disciplines so different from each other, but looking at it from a broader perspective it all makes sense. There is something tying all those disciplines (and many more) together: they’re all means to tell a story.

Trivial as it sounds, I am happy I found a kind of common denominator, a strong one. I tend to be a shy person in public (who am I fooling, a very shy person) and I don’t talk a lot, but when I’m on my own, I can’t help but come up with stories. Words flow freely.

My life as a commuter gives me plenty of time to come up with story stubs and write them down. Many of them are weak and lead to nowhere, but there are a few that stick. And I plan to use this space as a home for the few ones who do, to let them out and share them with the world. Or with the subset of the world interested in hearing them, of course.

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